Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Delights

Happy New Year family!

Christmas traditions are common in most families, and in mine, it's in the way we prepare our Christmas lunch/dinner. The food preparation starts sometime in the evening on the 24th and ends early in the morning on the 25th.

Glad to be home again after so many years, although it was just me and my mom this year, my mom sat back and allowed me to prepare our spread. After she had done the grocery shopping (went to the market), I got down to business, and by 10 am on Christmas day, as we headed to church, we were looking forward to the following;

- Poulet braisse (grilled chicken)
- Stewed beef
- Curried goat
- Jollof rice
- Coconut rice
- Fried plantain

... and then we washed it all down with some store-bought fruit cake and ice-cream. Couldn't have had a better 2009 Christmas experience.

p.s - most recipes are already on here, the rest are coming soon...

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