Saturday, September 6, 2014

Honey Coconut Candy

Nigerians don't have a lot of dessert recipes, but this one right here is a favorite. It is probably more like a snack and mostly consumed by kids, but of course that doesn't stop me :-)

Typically the recipe is made with white sugar but I decided to experiment with honey (healthier) and also attempt to 'adultify' it a bit.

I actually made this about a year ago with intentions of posting it but I guess it skipped my mind.

Anyways, here it is.

Unsweetend coconut flakes/dried ground coconut (easily found in the baking aisles of most grocery stores)

- Place coconut flakes and honey in a pan  and stir continuously until incorporated and it turns golden brown and sticky.
- Take off heat and allow to cool slightly
- Use a tablespoon to scoop about a spoonful of mixture
- Roll in wet palms into balls
- Allow to cool on the counter-top or refrigerator until it hardens a bit (to toffee/caramel candy like consistency)

It doesn't taste as sweet as the sugar based coconut candy I grew up with - I think it is actually better!

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