Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Easy (and kinda healthy) Pigs In A Blanket

Like most of my recipes, I am usually inspired by a good sale at the grocery store. About a week ago, I found some turkey sausage with cheddar cheese (on the inside) on sale for $0.99. They were close to their expiration date and immediately pigs in a blanket came to mind. It seemed like the perfect way to cook them all at once and experiment a little as well.

I decided I wanted to use biscuit dough rather than crescent roll dough like most recipes call for - in my mind biscuit dough is less greasy and dough-ier. I didn't quite buy the dough that day but I did today for $0.83 (store brand).

(so sorry for the empty packs :-))

With only two ingredients, it is super simple. There are 10 biscuits in the pack and they are pretty small, so I used 2 biscuits for each pig in a blanket. The pack of sausages was 6 but I used only 5 for obvious reasons (the left-over one would make a perfect part of tomorrow's breakfast :-))

Preparation is super simple:
- Going by the directions on the biscuit pack, pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F.
- Grab 2 biscuits, press them together and flatten out to about 1/2 an inch thickness.
- Roll each sausage in the flattened biscuit dough
- Place on a baking sheet - folded side down
- Place in oven and bake for about 10 minutes

Enjoy on it's own (like I did) or with your favorite dipping sauce.

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