Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner in about 20 minutes

Sick of eating the same thing? Tired of leftovers? Hungry but not up for an hour by the stove?

On you next visit to the grocery store, pick up sachet or bottled sauces like 'Mongolian Beef', 'Thai Curry', 'General Tso', 'Thai Basil', 'Teriyiaki' or 'Curry Garam Masala'. Also grab some frozen mixed vegetables, or if you prefer fresh, a medley of onions and sweet peppers work great too.

Grab a wok or a frying pan, some cooking spray, frozen mixed vegetables (or chop up onions and peppers) and your sauce of choice.

Heat the pan, spray with the cooking spray, sauté the vegetables, add the sauce, and simmer for 5 minutes. Serve over rice, vermicelli or even udon noodles (You can add some store bought cooked shrimp or chicken just before adding the sauce, and simmer a little longer, for a heartier meal).

Always works out great for me. Not only do I get a meal in just a few minutes, but I don't have to go to an ethnic restaurant to get ethnic food.

p.s - In the pictures above, I used 'Essensia Mild Curry Garam Masala'. It is a low calorie sauce.

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