Monday, September 22, 2008

I just love cooking!

Ever since I was little, I have loved cooking. I still remember being 7 years old in the kitchen with my mother learning how to chop onions the right way.
By the time I was a teenager, I had learned how to cook quite a few Nigerian meals like Jollof (Jellof, keeping it Naija) rice, Fish Stew, Egusi Soup, Banga Soup, and I even attempted to make pounded yam from scratch. I had also attempted a few dishes from my mother's British cookbooks.
At 17, I went to college and that was when I really started to experiment with food. I love food from all over the world, and once I taste a dish, and I love it, I am desperate to learn how to cook it myself.
Once I accomplish making a meal the traditional way, I like to put a little bit of 'me' into it the next time I cook that meal. 'Me' is learning about or experimenting with substitute ingredients that taste just as good; such as ground turkey when you don't have beef, using brown rice in Jellof rice, or adding spices I love and grew up with - like curry, thyme and cayenne pepper to create a fusion of sorts.
I love cooking that is simple but delicious, so at times, I go for a semi-homemade approach, especially when it comes to pastries and baking. I get bored of eating the same thing, so, I am at the stove quite often.
Anyway, above is a picture of some food (meat pies, mini pizzas, spring rolls with beef samosa filling, Singaporean noodles, and shrimp spring rolls - also made a Sangria) that I made for my sister's birthday almost two months ago. Many thanks and love to you sis, for encouraging me to do this xoxo.


Anisa said...

You go girl!!! Food looks great. You can cook at our house anytime!

Enagwolo said...

See the essay you wrote o... lol

Looks good (and tasted good too).

Nadine said...

I lurve it! Sorry it took so long for me to get on it! IT's GREAT!

eubogu said...

Looking good. Why you no cook all these ones when you been stay with us?